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    The Careers College™ provides innovative career and job search strategies to quickly land the ideal job!
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  • Over 96 Million people of working age do not currently have a job in the USA! (US Dept. of Labor)
  • Between 200,000 and 250,000 people lose their jobs every week in the USA! (US Dept. of Labor)
  • 51% of recent college graduates are working in a job that does not require a degree (Latest Accenture Survey)
  • Over 25% of unemployed job seekers have been out of work over six (6) months! (US Dept. of Labor)
  • Only two (2) out of every 10 new jobs are advertised! Job seekers that only use sites like Indeed and Monster are missing out on eight (8) out of every 10 new jobs created.
  • The average hiring manager will interview just five (5) candidates! The average job listing gets 250 résumés. That means there is only a 2% chance of getting an interview through an online job post.
  • Employers use computer systems called Applicant Tracking Systems to weed out candidates.
  • A hiring manager will spend less than 30 seconds looking at a job seeker's résumé.
  • Over 90% of communication in an interview is nonverbal!
  • Over 70% of people with jobs are unhappy with their jobs!



Top 10 Reasons to Start Job Search Training with The Careers College™ Today:

  1. Get a job up to five times faster! DailyBoost1 Whether a student is seeking an internship or a job, or a job seeker is wanting to get a new job fast, we are here to help! Not sure the best way to approach the job search? Want to know how to use tools like LinkedIn to find jobs that aren't advertised and get interviews? We created The Careers College™ to give job seekers a simple, online, step-by-step instructional guide on how to land a job, in a fraction of the time. Throughout this program, we share insider secrets, proprietary job search tools, and little known resources job seekers can use to land a new job up to five times faster.
  2. Eliminate job search frustration and anxiety.
    Landing a job in today's economy can be downright scary. There are millions of websites job seekers can use, but which ones really help? It is easy to get frustrated spending hours responding to job posts and submitting résumés without hearing even a peep. The good news is the job search doesn't have to be this way. It can actually be fun. Inside, we share secrets to success, and help job seekers maintain a positive attitude to be on the fast track to getting a new job. And, forget about having to go to thousands of sites for help. Everything job seekers need to get the job they want is right here, online 24/7, in The Careers College™.
  3. Receive résumé help and learn how to get a résumé past the gate keeper.
    Want résumé help? Employers get hundreds of résumés for every job post. They use computers and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to weed out candidates. In MARKETING YOUR SKILLS, we show how to beat the system to get more interviews. Worried about gaps on a résumé? No problem! In MARKETING YOUR SKILLS, discover how to minimize gaps so employers want to grant an interview.first day
  4. Land a great job!
    How is it that some people are so "lucky" to have a job they love, while most workers hate Mondays? In EXPLORING CAREER OPTIONS, we lead job seekers through an exciting journey where, perhaps for the first time, they can actually uncover a job they will really love.
  5. Approach job interviews with confidence and excitement!
    Nervous when it comes to job interviews? In PREPARING FOR JOB INTERVIEWS, discover an easy way to increase chances of getting hired. We even share what goes on in the mind of hiring managers and teach how to answer trick questions like: "What is your biggest weakness?"
  6. Never again hear the words "underqualified" or "overqualified."
    When interviewers say job seekers are either "underqualified" or "overqualified," typically, they are hiding a different concern? "Overqualified?" Who wouldn't want someone with great experience? In INTERVIEWING TO WIN, we teach how to get to the real objection and overcome it to land the job. We also show how to turn perceived "negatives" into "positives."
  7. Learn three (3) secret questions to ask that almost guarantee getting get hired!
    In Section I of PREPARING FOR JOB INTERVIEWS, we share three (3) questions job seekers can ask that will get the interviewer to divulge exactly what needs to be said in order to get hired. We also show how to use nonverbal communication to increase rapport and get the job!
  8. Know what's up!
    Ever been frustrated by not getting feedback from a résumé submission or job interview? In FOLLOWING UP, we teach how to successfully use email and voicemail to get feedback, and, most importantly, to get hired!
  9. Get the job offer.
    Forget about losing out to internal candidates or being told the job is not the right fit! Never again be the "second best candidate!" In INTERVIEWING TO WIN, we teach job seekers how to sell themselves so employers can't wait to extend a job offer.
  10. Earn top dollar and make more money!
    In this economy, over 90 million people are not working in the USA. As a result, many employers are taking advantage of the situation and not paying people what they deserve. In NEGOTIATING THE BEST DEAL, we share insider secrets on how to negotiate for more money... and even more vacation time. These secrets, alone, are worth more money than the cost of this program!

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The Careers College™ provides proprietary job search
and career education empowering job seekers to succeed!


Job Search Training

Interactive Tools

Career Resources



The Careers College™ has 10 Learning Modules:

Training Modules

  • Overcoming Job Loss
    (Optional for the recently unemployed who want to conquer the emotions of job loss!)
  • Building Confidence
    (Maintain a winning attitude throughout the job search!)
  • Exploring Career Options
    (Discover the ideal job!)
  • Marketing Your Skills
    (Résumés, cover letters, social media, and more!)
  • Conducting the Job Search
    (Network and uncover the hidden job market!)
  • Preparing for Interviews
    (Answer 135 of the toughest interview questions!)
  • Interviewing to Win
    (Ace your interviews!)
  • Following Up
    (Know where you stand!)
  • Negotiating the Best Deal
    (Make more $$$!)
  • Starting Right
    (Get off to a flying start!)


A custom tailored learning experience!

With The Careers College™, spend as much (or as little) time as desired on each module. Whether there is only 10 minutes available to watch a video, or two hours to go through each exercise, each job seeker can learn at his or her own pace. Want to skip a module? No problem! We designed this job search education to be flexible to each person's needs. Want résumé help, or to get a quick answer on a job search or job interview question? No problem! We have a search engine built into our program so job seekers can get answers fast! The bottom line is we created The Careers College™ to give job seekers everything they need, in one place, to get a great job, fast.

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