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Job Seekers

Get hired! If you are unemployed, or a recent graduate, stay-at-home parent, veteran, or just someone who hates Mondays, we will show you how to get a great new job... fast!


Improve job placement outcomes! Ideal for CTE, CE, Engineering, Computer Science, and any other program looking to help students build soft skills and enhance job readiness.


Reduce duration of unemployment and improve job readiness! For Government and Workforce Agencies that want a low cost, yet highly effective solution to help unemployed job seekers quickly get a new job.

Insider Secrets to Job Hunting Success

Only 15% to 20% of all new jobs are advertised!
A hiring manager will spend just 15 to 30 seconds looking at a résumé!
It takes less than 7 seconds to make an impression on the interview!
Over 90% of an interview is non-verbal communication!
There is no such thing as being "overqualified!"

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However, there is a way to get a great job fast! But, just filling out online applications won't cut it. The good news is, there is a proven method to quickly landing a job. In this program, we divulge the insider secrets how!

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Need résumé help? A job seeker only gets 30 seconds to grab attention with a résumé. In an interview, it takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression. Those who know the secrets can land a job in less than one week! With a job search, time is of the essence! This inspiring, educational, and motivational job search training program shows job seekers how to beat the clock to succeed!